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How do you evaluate your sixth sense?

Many people suppress abilities they consider inexplicable or disturbing.  You might even fear some of the things you have been doing. You may not be ready to deny them, but you may also be unwilling to discuss them with people you assume would not relate or begin to understand. What do your feelings tell you about your mind power? Do you discern a sixth sense?

Have you ever had a premonition? More than one? Do you get them consistently? You may know people who feel anxious about an event they expect to happen, and it does! Having a similar experience may prompt you to break into joyful song or, it may scare you out of your wits. Each feeling gauges your perception of mind power.  You may accept or disregard it.

One nurse I know fears recalling her dreams because of repeated premonitions. She has a history of dreaming about accidental deaths before they happen.  She never knows the victims.  Yet, after being rattled by dreams, she has read news stories which mirrored her visions.  She chooses not to develop this ability because it makes her feel uncomfortable.  She rarely shares her view of the truth yet feels no reason to explain this.

How often have you found yourself anticipating what people would say before they did? Maybe you have even said the same thing at the same time as other people. From the bizarre to the extraordinary, you are allowing your mind to zero in on energy forms invisible to physical eyes. You are opening another kind of eye that receives constant messages from the mind.  

Consider a woman in Australia claimed to have prayed incessantly to spirit to be able to see energy and dimensions many human beings are not ready or willing to accept.  She spoke of her desire almost constantly.  She said it aloud, to herself and in-writing until she expanded her perception in ways that almost overwhelmed her.  Through the course of her experience, she not only redefined her baseline of sanity and insanity, she realized she did not want to see, hear, feel and absorb what she had requested.   She learned to control it.

What is an empirical, non-subjective test for a sixth sense? Regardless of whether you discern or identify one, mastering your life now is not about being good at what you believe you can do.  It is about taking responsibility through every kind of uncertainty.  As you choose to expand how you view and interpret energy, you will begin to truly explore what you are capable of creating and experiencing. You are your only judge and jury. Sensory perception expands or contracts with you. Your memories merge, expand or dissolve based on how you understand time and what you decide to explore further.

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Reader Comments (10)

Hi Liara,
Yep, I've felt and seen and known things all my life that according to 'normal' people, I can't possibly have...

Doesn't change the fact that it happens. And, apparently I'm not too shabby as an oracle reader either - I use the Younger Futhark runes. Even over long distances, I've been told my readings can be uncannily accurate. And I've had confirmation after the fact for other readings I've given as well.

I often get little 'messages' - from the universe perhaps? It sounds like a distinct voice in my head, but not like my internal voice as such... sometimes they are full sentences. And all I know is... if I follow the advice I am given, it always works out. If I *don't* follow it... I always wish later that I did.

I have strange dreams, I get vibes about people, and sometimes I know how important they will be in my life when I have no evidence to back that up.

And I know I have to be careful when giving anyone a massage, as I somehow physically take on the person's pain sometimes.

Measurements? How do you measure thought? Feelings? How do you prove or disprove any of it? I have no answer for that...
January 2, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSvasti
Svasti, human beings sometimes imagine the need to measure what they cannot see. This is a technique ego uses to weaken core faith. Scientists and non-scientists have debated the notion of "proof." Your belief system offers the tools you use to persuade yourself of what is worth doing, what makes sense or not. Some people gain insight into a "supposed sixth sense" through stories told by other people. If you become aware of what it feels like to notice and apply certain faculties more consciously yourself, then your perception and beliefs shift again.
January 3, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
What you wrote about today is important. Many people who experience more than the "norm" are concerned that they have lost their mind or that they will not be accepted by others. Many also do not have the support to help them understand how to accept and use what they receive.
January 3, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMark
Mark, your views remind people that they are each on a meaningful quest for greater wholeness. Every experience you have contributes to this sense of wholeness, those that seem ordinary or commonplace as well as those other people share, but rarely discuss. It can take courage to accept that you are more than you seem. In truth, each human being is more than any of us is ready to know or grasp in human terms. You might say that wholeness is never lost, only forgotten. Until we learn to uncover confidence, trust and other innate qualities, we will not free ourselves from illusions like fear. Rediscovering inner strength enables us to repair our souls and stop questioning feelings that we know are true. Choosing to attune to feelings teaches you energy shifts constantly, even when you do not pay attention. Selective awareness does not change reality. Yet, as you grow more willing to explore energy and invite guidance, your senses expand.
January 3, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Hi Liara - This is a very full and rich post which points to so much of my consciousness of life. I depend on my sixth sense, or unpersonified guardians and I feel lonely when the sense is not around.

Is this a non-subjective test?

...On the understanding that the law of probability gives a 50/50 chance of a red playing card being turned up - any significant and consistent improvement on 50/50 would indicate the involvement and extistence of a non-concrete perception.

I would suggest around 1000 card turns to even out probability and remove it from chance. 60% success in guessing the 'correct' colour would indicate the presence of a 6th sense. 70% and above would be very significant.

Thank you so much for putting 'soulMerlin' on the side-bar, especially as the page you have linked to is a bit of an artistic mess. I'm only starting to learn about html and website building, and I haven't got it right. I had the idea of an amusement arcade, with lots of fun and serious things available.

It's my baseball pitch - my field of dreams - but it needs some cultivation and weeding.

(but I am so pleased, as it is the centre of my blogs)

January 5, 2009 | Unregistered CommentersoulMerlin
henry, every human being is on a learning curve. No ending exists without a beginning. No beginning emerges completely disconnected from everything. We are each unconsciously assisting others to raise awareness and to come to their own conclusions in this life. People think as they do because they choose not to think as others do or, because they are guided to think differently than they had before. How we view each other, our conditions and perceptions comes back to whether or not we fear or accept all parts of ourselves. The process of accepting human beings as they are is a journey. At this moment, how we see one and other is defined by our awareness of our potential; how we express it, reject it or embrace it. To take that a step further, in order to get to a point where you would be ready to evaluate your sixth sense, part of you would have to believe that you have one. This part of you would recognize it is at odds with your inner skeptic. To reach that point means you realize the real issue involves faith, trust, love and fear. To believe in a spot of inner knowing is to sense you are making your way back to what you know beneath the surface.
January 5, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Oh! This makes so much sense. It's happened to me before, both in waking life and through dreams. Scary as it is sometimes, it is wonderful at others...
January 8, 2009 | Unregistered Commentershadow
shadow, every human being does things consciously and unconsciously. As you attune to phenomena that seem unusual, this is also a way to bring uncomfortable feelings to the surface of your mind. Further, it is an exercise in learning to dissolve them. If you choose to list the uncomfortable feelings that emerge, then you find that you are slowly working through fear, shame, insecurity, inadequacy, and other levels of discomfort you do not always realize you experience. This is art of a silent, unconscious healing process. You rediscover yourself.
January 8, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
I have reached the crossroads of embracing or rejecting what I know. I have always dreamed of events that will happen. There is great detail, and color; The sequence is seamless as the events unfold. Many times the need to share cannot be denied - fear of ridicule or being viewed as "odd" hold me back on other occasions. Recently I joined a group to teach adults how to control stresses in our busy lives. Discovery came quickly as I sat with these adults and my mind became a tumultuous cacophony of messages that came too fast to control. Their pain became my pain - my dreams are out of control - Now the messages are constant in my awake time. There is no quiet for me to sort this out. I want to help the people in pain - it's too fast. A floodgate has opened and I am drowning. I am desperate for control and quiet. I looked for help - I was supposed to find you.
January 30, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTerese
Terese, the nature of your reflections suggest your consciousness is open to the level where you are channeling energy from non-linear and non-physical dimensions. This is nothing to fear. Techniques exist that can help you learn to develop mental discipline. With practice, one filters the incoming energy flow. Contact me using the blog form. I can guide you to useful material.
May 11, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLiara Covert

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