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What are your International business development ideas?

You may know individuals who have branched out their businesses from local to regional, national and international.  Maybe this was a conscious plan or maybe the clients shaped the evolution of the business. You may dream of developing or branching out a business too.  Everything begins and ends with your initiative, resourcefulness and ingenuity.

Coaching is one business that can draw clients from anywhere.  Technology enables one to provide global service.  Yet, this is not the only business that benefits from Skype, internet, phone and other technology.  Ponder the options.  What examples do you notice in the world around you? What stands out? How does this inspire you in your own developing business ideas and ventures?

I invite you to share your stories and dreams.  Who or what inspires you? What specific topics or hurdles have you experienced? What would you like to learn more about? What are your related fears? What hold you back?

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Reader Comments (6)

Hi Liara,

I have just been having a very fast breeze through your blog and find alot of information that appeals to me greatly. I have just returned from a Jay Abraham conference in Sydney Australia last week and am preparing for a Tony Robbins "Unleash the Power Within" event in sept this year. Have you ever heard of Tony or Jay?

I am in the process of building my own business and will share my stories here if I can.
Where abouts are you based? I may need a coach.
August 24, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJared
How exciting! My own healing business is growing. Look forward to hearing more here.
August 25, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJenny
Hi Jared. I am based in Melbourne, Australia and work with clients locally, nationally and internationally. You may find coaching helpful. Email me to request for my free "is coaching for me questionnaire."

I have heard of Tony and Jay and know their books. We all benefit from mentors at differnet stages of life. Keep up the great work with your own initiatives. Surces of inspiration are endless. Listen to the heart.
August 25, 2007 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Dear Jenny, The story about how you and Erin launched your website is also inspirational. What kind of international venture would you like to experience for yourself and why?
August 27, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterLiara Covert
Thanks Liara. I'm currently trying to figure out how I can free myself further from the need to be in any particular location geographically so that I can both work and travel. Well, work is the wrong word. I really love what I do and would like to expand and grow that - the ability to think and learn and provide connections for others in more than a local setting. I want to provide as much value for others as I get from what I do myself. :) I've been lucky and managed to earn a living through ideas and connecting the right people with the right ideas. Perhaps over time my web of people and knowledge will expand to the point that this becomes possible.
August 29, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJenny
Jenny, Everything is as easy or as hard as you decide. Listen to the heart. You gain insight into what feels comfortable and what you're drawn to do. The mind imagines obstacles. You beleive them or not. The what comes before the how and where. Realize you determine your limitations. You can also be happy and fulfilled where you are.
August 29, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterLiara Covert

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